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starting your own business sounds like a dream come true. Reality is that it takes more than a dream to make it work. pawDOGraphy has a variety of services that allow you to get started with your dream. 

business model


we provide you the in and outs of starting your own pet business, creating the business model that suits your needs and helping you call a business your own.


starter kit:

business consultation before starting a business.  




- one hour phone consultation

- email follow ups

- documentation needed to get started


going professional kit:

ready to take the big plunge by starting your own business? we provide one on one help to get your business off the ground.




- two hour consultation

- email follow ups

- step by step documentation to help you get started



deluxe kit:

we set up your business, marketing materials, web site, logo, social media




- phone and email consultation

- step by step documentation to help you get started

- web site & logo design

- 1 year free web site hosting worth $150

- social media set up on Facebook & Twitter worth $150

- marketing materials:

1000 business cards worth $50

2 car magnets worth $100

20 rip off flyers worth $50


consultation rate:

$95 per hour


social media 


we will set you up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube and any other media outlet you would like to join.


- includes customized cover picture

- url

- one month free advice related posting and managing your account


Price: $75 per social media



daily status updates per media

Price: $25 per week


combo package:

daily status updates on up to 5 media

Price: $95 per week


website & logo


a web site is one of the most important marketing tools you can have. it represents you, it represents your business and it is something you are proud of.


web site design:

4 pages: $500 (home, about us, services, contact us)

6 pages: $750 (home, about us, services, contact us, resources, other)


logo design:

$250 (up to 5 changes until final design)

$350 (unlimited changes until final design)


combo deluxe package:

6 pages


1 year free web site hosting worth $150







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