my name is nathalie mosbach. in 2007 i founded "the dog hikers". it was the very first dog hiking service of its kind in the sf south bay. 
running a top notch doggie fitness service doesn't only come with experience. it comes with training in dog handling and behavior especially when working with multiple dogs. safety is my top priority. a fun filled k9 outdoor adventure we promise you every single day. your dog will come home dog tired. that is my guarantee! for your daily dose of hiking pictures visit our facebook page.
happy hiking!



  • Dog Evaluator for VTP Companion Dog Program with Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

  • Volunteer Trail Patrol (VTP) with Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

  • Field trainer for VTP with Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

  • Former Dog and Cat Foster Parents for San Jose Animal Shelter, Town Cats, Santa Clara County Animal Shelter Puppy Pound Rescue and HSSV

  • Other volunteer activities for Santa Clara County Animal Shelter, San Jose Animal Shelter and HSSV

  • Foster parent for Love & Second Chances and NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue.

Members of:


Nathalie's other ventures:




  • Penn Foster Dog Training Program

  • Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR


  • Dog Evaluator for Volunteer Dog Companion Program Mid Peninsula Open Space District


  • Certified Dog Walker (DogTec.org) San Francisco


  • Advanced Certified Dog Walker (DogTec.org): San Francisco


  • Dog Aggression to the next level with Jean Donaldson: Milpitas

  • Co-Founder of Award winning dog social network group: Dog Connect SF Bay Area

  • Dog to Dog Aggression Seminar with Sue Sternberg: Los Angeles



  • Rogerson: Dog to Dog Aggression

  • Jean Donaldon's Academy 4 day seminar

  • Founder of Dog Bite Law & Prevention & Advocacy Group


Nathalie Mosbach


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