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We developed a unique exercise method called:


Exercise, Sozialization and Training - short EST. 




Hiking is one of the core exercises to do that benefits yourdog with the least risk of injury. It also satisfies your dog's natural need to explore its surroundings and introduces the dog to new sights and sounds. Escaping the urban surroundings brings the dog closer to nature and its heritage.



Dogs with excessive energy need to release that energy. If not released appropriately the outcome of their release will have negative consequences for us. Destructive chewing, digging, excessive barking, excessive licking, self-mutilation, hyperactivity or any other number of behavioral problems are common in under-exercised dogs. These behaviors could simply be eliminated by providing sufficient exercise for your dog. A walk around the block will not be enough for a high energy dog. A hiking adventure with us will provide what your dog needs.Due to our group hikes your dog will also enjoy socialization in a very controlled environment. During our hikes we continuously enforce good behavior like sit, down, stay, look, etc, to ensure a controlled but fun environment. We will keep your dog's mind at work!



We combine exercise, socialization with a whole lot of training to ensure a healthy and content dog. It takes about 3 to 6 weeks to show our newbie to fit into our group and that training comes absolutely free to you. 



Remember:we don't walk 'em, we hike 'em!


Not sure yet? Join us on one of our hikes and see for yourself what adventure your dog has been missing by not joining The Dog Hikers!

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